Health Communication

  • Creative content (web, print, television, social media)

  • Health education materials

  • Grant writing

  • Manuscript writing

  • Copy editing and proofing

We produce health communication campaigns and creative content designed to educate, persuade, and inspire action. A seasoned science journalist, Melissa has traveled nationally and internationally authoring hundreds of articles, book chapters, and educational materials on topics ranging from complex surgeries to epidemics to health reform. Melissa is certified by Mayo Clinic in social media, and her campaigns and writing have received numerous Health Care Advertising and Society for Health Care Communication Awards. She is conversant in Spanish and English.

A democratic solution recognizes that to create compelling health communications, we must first seek to understand the myriad of factors that drive health-relate choices and behaviors in our communities.

Research & Evaluation

  • Community-based participatory research

  • Program evaluation

  • Case studies, interviews, and focus groups

  • Survey development and psychometrics

  • Issue Briefs

  • Biostatistics (specific interest in longitudinal/multilevel analysis)

Let our experience in academia, government, and health care be of service as you plan, implement, and evaluate health programs. We use participatory approaches to research and evaluation to support empowerment and authentic insight into patient, client, and member experiences. Melissa’s approach is highly interactional, drawing upon her background as a journalist and social & behavioral scientist. Specific disciplines of interest include youth mental health, health care integration, health policy, poverty alleviation, social epidemiology, and mindfulness.

A democratic solution recognizes that programs are most effective when implementation and research go hand-in-hand, and that cycles of planning and evaluation are tools for social change.

Health Policy Analysis

  • Health Policy Briefs

  • Community needs assessments

  • Case studies

  • Boolean analysis

  • Econometrics (specific interest in time series and decision analysis)

We provide consultation to public administrators and organizations seeking to develop policies and programs informed by objective analysis. We have been particularly successful assisting clients with community needs assessments, Medicaid claims analyses, and policy briefs.

A democratic solution recognizes that what we see as facts are colored by our own stories and histories. Analysis is situated in lay experience to ensure policies are responsive to community needs.

Organizational Learning

  • Health care integration inventories

  • Staff and consumer survey design and analysis

  • Learning communities

  • Critical Dialogues

We help organizations transform and grow through activities ranging from cultural assessments to learning communities to Critical Dialogues. Melissa’s doctoral research focused on health care integration, and she has developed an inventory to support agencies who seek to foster cultures conducive to mental health and organization change. It is currently being validated in three states. If you would like to use the inventory in your mental health or primary care clinic or department, please contact us.

Through her community engagement work in South Los Angeles, Melissa has developed with input from dozens of organizations a framework known as Critical Dialogues. This is a novel method for bringing health professionals and community members together to create shared understanding of social issues of timely importance to community mental health, such as racism, gun violence, human trafficking, economic development, and gender justice. Want to host a Critical Dialogue in your community? Let’s plan one together! Melissa’s approach to facilitation is always compassionate, LGBTQ+-affirming, and rooted in cultural humility.

A democratic solution recognizes that having a shared understanding of our cultures and histories empowers us to create more efficient and equitable health care systems.