In today's fast-paced world where there is a tremendous need for healing, democratic solutions are more essential then ever. People's Health Solutions represents an integral approach to public health initiatives that is rooted in the histories and visions of organizations and communities. 


Our Beginning

The seed for People's Health Solutions took root in Austin, Texas, where I came to the realization that something was lacking in health policy: the people. At the LBJ School, I explored the essential role of civic engagement in building public health programs that empower community members and are responsive to their needs. My research showed how people's programs are more accountable, sustainable — and effective.


“To study the phenomena of disease without data is to sail an uncharted sea, while to study data without patients is not to go to sea at all.”

— WILLIAM OSLER, first PHYSICIAN-in-chief, Johns hopkins hospital (1849-1919)


Working in mental health, I later saw how health “solutions” often reflect very limited cultural perspectives. Encouraged by what would be possible if we looked to clients and front-line staff as the experts and the heroes, I studied social & behavioral science and began to apply these concepts to the challenge of health reform. People’s Health Solutions was founded shortly thereafter with the mission of giving people a greater voice in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health programs.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: That community should have a prominent voice at all stages of public health initiatives. We the people know what it takes to keep our workplaces and neighborhoods healthy. A more integral, democratic approach supports organizational transformation, empowers community members, and leads to more efficient and equitable programs.


“Process is really purpose.”

— Saul alinsky, community organizer (1909-1972)


Our Services

People's Health Solutions provides consulting services to public administrators, non-profits, managed care entities, universities, and service providers in four areas: health communication, research and evaluation, policy analysis, and organizational learning.



Do you seek an action-oriented collaborator to manage and deliver dynamic health communications, program evaluations, or policy analysis? Could your organization benefit from increased cultural awareness and dialogue? Let's talk about what an integral approach might look like.

People's Health Solutions is a sole proprietorship, and I am seeking collaborators to learn and grow. What brought you here? What initiatives are you working on? What change are you seeking to achieve?